Seasonal studies using London's early summer blooms, playing with gravity and dancing florals. Hanging flower sculptures have always been an obsession, the suspense and three dimensionality is captivating.

Much of my practice with Palais centres around the reimagining of flower arrangements, often removing them from a traditional vase setting and considering how we can see the flowers differently... From new perspectives, blending colours in unconventional schemes and adding non-floral elements.

At the moment I'm working a lot with showing the mechanics of hanging florals.

My dad recently asked "What are all these chains about?"... It's a good question and a similar vein of questioning my students often take when asking what inspires a piece. I think it starts with a material or a colour.

I love the geometry of chains and draw direct comparison to the rhythm of petals.
Title 2020 Suspended
Set Design by Palais
Materials Roses, rhododendron, bearded iris, peony, steel chain.
Season Early Summer