A mixed media project using steel, manipulated plastics and flowers created in collaboration with photographer David Ralph.

Frames were hand drawn and converted to three dimensional sculptures by a metal worker. Acrylic forms are melted and manipulated around sculptures playing with gravity and distorted reflection.

I loved producing this project with David, our work together is always very free and intuitive. We began looking at Calder mobiles, wanting to do something large scale in a casual studio setting with natural light. I'd been developing ideas for melted forms juxtaposed with hard linear objects previously so this just flowed straight into the mobiles theme.

The outcomes are full of visual trickery! Its hard to tell what is three dimensional again evoking a feeling that it might have been collaged in post production. I'm obsessed with the process in making creating a playful journey from two dimensional line drawing through three dimensional sculpture culminating back into a collaged outcome.

This series is published in a book from Ludion, "Modern Ikebana" By Victoria Gaiger & Tom Loxley.
Title Line, Frame, Or Reflect
Photography by David Ralph
Set Design by Palais
Materials Painted steel, acrylic sheet, nylon strap, steel chain, various flowers