Created and styled by ten students this gradient runner was the final project from my Fundamentals of Floristry Course at The Masters Flowers School in Shanghai.

Flowers were sourced with students from the Shanghai flower market. There was a lot of discussion about colour value and hue, building colour sensitivity and understanding colour theory in a practical way.

Visiting the local market with floristry students introduces how to buy flowers and what the considerations are in looking for the best and most suitable products. With sustainability in mind we always tried to prioritise buying locally grown produce over Dutch imports. This is also a great lesson in how to elevate materials with creative design.

The Shanghai market is inside and outside of a large mall building set over a number floors with a huge variety of flowers and sundries. We had a lot of fun meeting the vendors!

Visiting markets in other cities is one of my favourite things to do, I always prioritise a trip wherever I'm on holiday.
Title Flower School Day 7
Client The Masters Flower School
Venue Yang Pu, Shanghai
Season Summer